Pinky Lalwani: Will She Be The Next Mallya Wife?

Pinky Lalwani came into the limelight recently when a rumor spread like a wildfire where it was believed that Vijay Mallya the absconding businessman from India, was going to tie a knot for the third time with Pinky.

He already has Rekha Mallya as his second wife who happens to be his present legal wife too. Did he finally tie the knot with Pinky? Nothing to confirm, yet.

pinky lalwani

The Background Story of Pinky Lalwani

If you go by the story Pinky who happens to be much younger to Mr. Vijay Mallya met him for the first time in 2011. She was working as an air hostess in the KingFisher airlines back then. Kingfisher airlines right now is a defunct airline.

According to different sources, she right now is of 38 years of age and is presently residing at Ladywalk in Hertfordshire village of Tewin, which happens to be the bungalow of Mr.Vijay Mallya.

Even after a huge age difference, these two are believed to have a great understanding and mutual respect. Pinky Lalwani is believed to be getting along well with Mallya’s mother too.

pinky lalwani vijay mallya

She was sighted frequently at Westminster Magistrates Court in London past few days where she was attending the court hearing with Mallya.

BTW this is the court where Mallya’s extradition case is being fought.

It has been believed that the Pinky Lalwani-Vijay Mallya affair has been going on for three years and they are finally ready to get married.

It is also believed that Lalwani left India at the same time when Mr.Vijay Mallya escaped.

Miss Pinky Lalwani also is a shareholder in the company, Foresight & Vision Limited whose chairman is Mr.Mallya himself.

If different sources are to be believed, Pinky has several businesses in the UK of which Mallya is the chairman.

Will she be the next Mallya wife?

Only time can tell.

Right now officially Rekha Mallya is the wife of Vijay Mallya.

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